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[Competition Closed] MHM 54 Caption Competition

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[Competition Closed] MHM Quiz: Win a bundle of military history books!

This month, we have a bundle of three military history books to be won! During WWII, the Axis Powers and the Allied Forces both used a combination of land and air power, but their dependence on air power was a huge development, with evolving technology demanding fresh combat and reconnaissance techniques. The newly released paperback edition of The Lions of Carentan and the […]


BEHIND THE IMAGE – Tanks on Parade

This image shows three tanks taking part in the Lord Mayor’s parade in Ludgate Circus, London in November 1918. The parade celebrated the end of the First World War as armistice was declared that month. In this photograph we can see crowds of men, women, and children who have gathered out on the street to […]


WARRIORS – Fighters of the Dodecanese Campaign

In our article on the disastrous Dodecanese Campaign of 1943, Nick Hewitt explores how Britain managed, somehow, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Here, we study two opposing fighting units of that campaign. The Junkers Ju-87 Stuka The Luftwaffe’s infamous Junkers 87 Stuka (from Sturzkampfflugzeug, or ‘dive-bomber’) entered service in 1936. It was a tactical aircraft, intended […]


WAR CULTURE – Life of the Iron Duke

Marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a new display of 59 portraits at the National Portrait Gallery aims to reveal how the art world took on the political, military, and personal life of the Duke of Wellington. Goya’s famous view of Wellington entering Madrid, started in 1812 and modified twice to reflect […]


World War I: Hill 60

Hill 60 was a low rise south-east of Ypres made from the soil removed in digging a cutting for the Ypres to Comines railway. It had excellent views over both Ypres and Zillibeke, and was captured by the Germans during the first Battle of Ypres in November 1914. On 17 April 1915, in one of the first tunnelling operations by the British Army, six […]


CONFLICT SCIENTISTS – Robert Oppenheimer

Biography Born: April 22, 1904 New York Married: Katherine Puening Harrison in 1940 Fields: Theoretical physics Institutions: University of California, Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, Los Alamos Laboratory, Institute for Advanced Study. Died: February 18 1967 Princeton, New Jersey In the 1930s theoretical physics was a cerebral battlefield. Europe was in a scientific conflict with North […]


Genealogy Special

find my past Findmypast is one of the world’s leading genealogy websites, boasting over 2 billion individual records as well as millions of newspaper pages dating as far back as 1710. In addition, we are proud to host the most extensive portfolio of British military records online. With millions of records from wars and military actions dating back centuries, […]


TOP FIVE: Aerial Battles

MHM looks at five of the costliest aerial battles in history. 5. AIR BATTLE OF SAINT-MIHIEL WHERE/WHEN: France, 12-16 September 1918 OUTCOME: Allied victory over Germany The Saint-Mihiel salient was a large bulge of the German frontline into France, which was formed in 1914 when German forces positioned themselves in preparation for an attack on Verdun. Although Verdun itself did not fall, the Germans continued to […]


MHM Quiz: THREE copies of ‘Classics Illustrated: World War II’ to be won!

This month, we have THREE copies of Classics Illustrated: World War II to be won! To mark the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, Classic Comic Store’s special issue of Classics Illustrated, World War II, tells the astonishing and horrifying story of the Second World War in comic-strip format. Classics Illustrated: World War II traces the chronology of the most costly war in human […]