What our readers think

Below are some of the comments we get from our readers. If you’d like to see the magazine for yourself, you can find out more about subscribing here.

“…very very well written magazine.  I am an avid reader, and it has just the right combination of range and depth…I get all of the history magazines but this is by far the best one.”

 ZK from London, via phone

“I’m an ardent supporter of your magazine and always enjoy the variety and succinctness of all the articles over the many years.”

PBW, via email

“It’s a fabulous magazine, absolutely brilliant. I read it cover to cover!”

– PM, by phone

“Impressed with the way you care for your subscribers. So many others would have forgotten and waited till the subscriber contacted them. You’re awesome. Thanks again.”

– DS from Motherwell, via email

“Really good value, fantastic magazine. It’s definitely the best one I get – and I subscribe to about half a dozen! It’s so nice to speak to a friendly person.”

– JM from Somerset, via phone

“Damn good! It’s a most excellent magazine. I really look forward to it each month.”

– VM from Shropshire, by phone

“I’d like to renew the subscription two years for my son-in-law please. He’s recently retired from the special forces, and devours the magazine every month – he always says how he finds it so accurate, and enjoys the wide variety of the content too. He says it’s the best magazine he’s read!”

– JM, by phone

“Thank you again for your very prompt reply and clarification. Excellent Customer Service. I will definitely subscribe to the UK edition and have your magazine delivered monthly.”

– DC from Canada, by email

“I had not seen the magazine before and I was extremely impressed by the articles and the depth of information contained within…I will be organising a subscription”

– AM, via email

“I am, so far, very well pleased that I took up the offer for Military History Monthly. The two editions, January and February, that I have received so far, have been extremely interesting and informative.

The articles cover such a variety of subjects in so many different time-frames, I find each edition of constant interest throughout. Added to that a wealth of information and advice on Exhibitions, Museums and Displays made available for those like me who enjoy military history.

I was especially interested in ‘The Agony of Afghanistan; having studied in detail the (mostly disastrous) British ventures of around 1840, 1880, and the final debacle of 1919. (I served in the Indian Army about 100 years ago!)

I look forward to future editions.”

– DM from Scotland, via post

I like @MilHistMag

a lot – really nice, interesting articles, well presented, and a great team of people to work with.

“Many periodicals have too much text in them, but yours is a good formula – spot on!”

–   ZK, via telephone

“I’ve just come across your magazine and I want to subscribe forever!”

– PL from Sevenoaks, via phone

“It has a very broad range which is a good thing, and it’s very easy to get, no pun intended, entrenched in a certain area. I enjoy the breadth of the articles, the variety; a lot of sharp, insightful comments about the various topics covered.”

– FC from Kent, via phone

“The best historical magazine on the market, in my view.”

PB, online

“Very good magazine. The review of The Great War series was excellent.”

– DG, online

“I have read some of your recent issues and I would like to congratulate you for having such thorough info about the numerous subjects and dates in military history, and that it has made me more and more interested in military history, I have read numerous books on the subject, and numerous VHS documentaries and your magazines dwarf these (albeit the majority of them I enjoy also). Thank you for inspiring me to continue reading on this captivating and interesting subject.”

– NP, via email

“Lovely magazine, very informative.”

–  HH, Cambridgeshire, via telephone

“The magazine is an absolutely splendid piece of journalism, really superb. Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to the team.”

– PBW from Oxford, via phone

“The articles cover such a variety of subjects in so many timeframes, I find each edition of constant interest throughout.”

– DD, via post

“A very very nice magazine, absolutely excellent.  I’ve passed it round to all my friends.  Very impressed with the paperwork too – it’s very professional.”

– DM from Surrey, via telephone

“…wide ranging articles covered in depth – a super magazine and I thoroughly enjoy it”

– GL, via telephone

“I ‘discovered’ your magazine recently in Tesco and read cover to cover. I purchased the June edition, and have completed an online DD subscription today. Many thanks for a splendid magazine.”

– PR, via email

“I love the magazine.  Just the right kind of articles for me.”

– GB from Bridgewater, via telephone

“Thank you very much for a lovely magazine!”

– TH from Devon, via telephone

“The magazine is extremely well put together – please pass on my compliments.  I was so taken with the magazine that I also wanted to subscribe for my brother in law.”

– GW from Cumbria, via telephone

“I began with issue 1 – the part near the end about the broadside ships and the gunners was very interesting as I have an ancestor that was on those type of ships and was a gunner. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the magazines, they are well laid out and well printed and I look forward to seeing the rest.”

– WB, via email

“It’s a jolly good magazine!”

– JS from Croydon, via phone

“I think it’s one of the best magazines I’ve ever read.”

– PA from Rochdale, via phone

“Thank you for producing magazines of continuing high quality: long may they continue.”

– NRF from Hanworth, via post

“BTW, I’m am thoroughly enjoying the magazines. Brilliant.”

– DS, via email

“Thank you for replying to my email so promptly.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue and look forward to the standard continuing.  I have bought many magazines and always seem to be disappointed.  However, this was not so with MHM.  Keep up the good work.”

– AG, via email

“Very good magazine, please pass my thanks on.”

PH from Chelmsford, via phone

“Such a wide variety of topics. Truly excellent.”

– PB from Weybridge, via phone

“The September edition of MHM was my first.  It will not be my last.  Julian Brazier’s piece about Pickett’s charge was gripping.  All the material is accessible to any caring reader.  Thanks, especially, for Neil Faulkner’s penetrating article about Bomber Command – no platitudes in it.”

– PC from West Yorkshire, via post

“You can make life very difficult sometimes. The postman left 2 items this morning, the first was a catalogue from my favourite shoe company promising 3 pairs for the price of 2 which is an offer I usually can’t refuse, and then—the MHM magazine offer … I guess Military History wins (the shoes can wait).”

– AI from Bournemouth, via post

“An excellent magazine, I’m very very impressed with it.”

– SP from London, via phone

“I thoroughly enjoyed it [MHM 37], it’s an excellent magazine.  I read it from cover to cover!”

– GM from Warwickshire, via phone

“May I take this opportunity to praise the magazine for the very excellent standard of articles, hence the reason for me taking out the subscription.”

– JB from Birmingham, via email

“I am a regular reader of your excellent Military History Monthly…I have been following the battle of Gettysburg and, as you know, the final instalment was in the September issue.”

-RR from Radlett, via post

“It’s a really good magazine, I’m really enjoying it!”

– JK from Cumbria, via phone

“Congratulations! Another top notch issue.”

– MS, via phone

“I have so much to thank you for, with two quite lovely introductory letters, inside a very smart package. Goodness! I thought Christmas had come! I don’t think I have ever seen such an attractive illustrated magazine before. It was so appealing it captured my attention at once, and I should like some more, please.

Please accept my wish to become a subscription member at once.”

– BC from Southampton, via post

“I’ve greatly enjoyed reading this year’s magazines”

– FF from Wigton, via post

“I am nearly 70 and have spent my life hating war, warmongers and generally everything to do with war. I am by nature a pacifist, however I am interested in history and by pure chance I started reading an issue of your magazine on my ipad.

What an excellent magazine you produce, it has taught me that just as there are many nasty evil people in the world there are many more wonderful human beings.

Thank you, your articles on the Cruel Sea and the siege of Leningrad were truly marvellous, everyone including today’s children should be encouraged to read them.

Thanks again, keep up the good work.”

– JW from North Yorkshire, via email

“I’m enjoying it no end. It’s just what I’m interested in.”

– TPT from Somerset, by phone

“I have been subscribed to your magazine since January 2013 and am very satisfied with the quality of your profound articles, even compared to other German and French history magazines I buy regularly.”

– MN from Austria, by email

“I like the new format of the magazine, and particularly want to congratulate Dr Neil Faulkner on his brilliant account of what France was like before the war. Fantastic!”

– DC, by phone

“Really like the new layout! Pleasure to read as usual – especially Dr. Faulkner.”

– TB, online

“Didn’t think the magazine could look any better!”

– RM, online

“I am contacting your magazine because I really learned a lot from the article entitled, ‘The Trouble’s Northern Ireland’s Insurgency, 1968-1998’. I live in Northern Ireland, am aged 50 years and remember some of the events described. I am a humble civilian and I found the article to be excellent!

I really enjoy the history articles in the magazine and they inspired me to visit such places as the Somme and Normandy.”

– DM from Northern Ireland, by email

“First class service! I work in publishing and I can only hope that our subscriptions department runs as smoothly and as efficiently as yours does.”

– SP from Devon, by phone

“Thank you very much for all the magnificent reading I’ve had over the years.”

– TM from Weston-super-Mare, by phone

“You British certainly know how to write a military history magazine! Each issue is a gem.”

– SL from California, USA, by phone

“It’s a beautiful magazine, really outstanding. Congratulations to the editors!”

– TC from Berkshire, by phone

“My husband loves the magazine – always reads it cover to cover!”

– MR from Kent, by phone

“Thank you for a damn good read!”

-AP from Hertfordshire, by post

“I’m 88, and I enjoy the magazines – my children have also found them most interesting.”

– KA from Chester, by phone

“The magazine’s out of this world.  Please send my compliments to the editor, to the sub editor, to the whole team… It’s just fantastic. You do a really, really wonderful job.”

-TC from Speen, by phone

I thoroughly enjoyed my first copy, it is extremely good, and I shall definitely continue with it!”

– JB from Westcott, by phone

“Excellent magazine, if I may say so!”

– AP from London, by phone

”I am only calling to say how impressed I am with the September issue. I don’t usually call up like this but I thought the picture on the front was so eye catching and the words that went with it were great. I am a very satisfied customer!”

– JS from London, by phone

“…BTW, MHM is a terrific magazine, kudos to all involved. I buy mine here in Victoria, BC.”

– LQ from Canada, by email

“It’s a good magazine! I enjoy receiving it.”

– JT from Australia, by phone

“Thank you for the copies of the magazine which I have received. I would like to congratulate you on the content and presentation.”

– EH from Cheshire, by email

“If I ever stopped getting your magazines, I’d be crying my eyes out!”

– PM from Barry, by phone

“I am very interested in history and this magazine is very good.  I enjoy it very much and want to keep on receiving it.”

– DS from Sussex, by phone

“Great magazine with tons of great articles.”

– MS, online

“Loved your mag for years. I save them all.”

– TS, online

“Brilliant read, very informative.”

– MP, online

“Great magazine and always great quality writing throughout!”

– DC, online

“Always an informative read.”

– TC, online

“I love these historical, factual magazines for keeping the little grey cells stimulated!”

– CR, online

“I love the magazine anyway, but this one [issue 50] is really really excellent. I normally pass them on to family when I’m done so they can enjoy them too, but not this one! I’m keeping hold of this one! It’s so good.”

– AR from Herefordshire, by phone

“I have just received my first copy of Military History Monthly (issue 50) and was impressed with its contents and coverage.”

– JM from Devon, by post

“I love the magazine. I wish that I had subscribed years ago.”

– TM from Salisbury, by phone

“We’ve just bought issue 50 – it was so good, we really enjoyed it! We’d like to take out a subscription please, and can we buy every back issue too?”

– KT from Malvern, by phone

“I have been taking Military History Monthly for one year and have now signed up for a second year.

I want to say how very much I have appreciated the content of the magazine – superbly edited and how much I have learnt from them.

During the last war I was a Petty Wren Radar Mechanic and with five other Wrens started the training centre for radar mechanics at HMS Collingwood – a stone frigate. Here we installed & maintained radar sets for three years (1943-6). After the war, I became very interested in military history and became a member of BCMH (British Commission for Military History).

Your journal has taught me a great deal and I am grateful to you for your excellent editing and content.”

– TS from London, by post

“It’s a very fine magazine.”

– MH from Devon, by phone

“I do congratulate you on the quality of the publication.”

– JF from Felden, by post

“I just wanted to thank you and the entire crew for the lovely edition of MHM 50 – this is probably the best presented article of mine that has appeared in an English-language journal – everyone here at the university just raved about it 🙂

I am also an avid WWI and WWII fan, and loved your articles (especially Churchill)… My students are already reading up on your journal and you guys rock!!”

– KF, from Canada, by email

“I think it’s a marvellous magazine! Brilliant content, and the pictures are superb.”

– DC from Surrey, by phone

“It’s an excellent magazine.”

– NT from Suffolk, by phone

“The magazine is first class. Thank you very much.”

– ME from Oxfordshire, by phone

“Probably one of the best presents I’ve ever bought!”

– JD from Birmingham, by phone

“I have bought your magazine since issue 1, and I love it. Keep up the good work on what is always an interesting read.”

– AM, by email

“It’s wonderful service, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be receiving it!”

– ED from Cheshire, by phone

“I have just finished the December copy of Military History Monthly, and I should like to add that I found the presentation and illustrations very interesting and of high quality, and articles of historical battles well detailed.”

– WV from Buckinghamshire, by post

“It’s a bloody good magazine”

– PB from Suffolk, by phone

“I’ve just had the new issue through. So pleased with the magazine over many years, I’ve learnt a lot.”

– AA, online

“I will recommend your magazine as a high-quality product. Thank you.”

– RM from Bristol, by email