MHM 80 – May 2017

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The May issue of Military History Monthly, the British military history magazine, is now on sale.

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In this issue:

Europe’s Thirty YearThirty Years Wars War
With a death-toll approximating 8 million, the Thirty Years War was one of Europe’s deadliest conflicts. Yet, overshadowed by the British Civil Wars, its history is little remembered. In this special 13-page feature, Keith Dowen explores Britain’s role in the conflict.

His first article dissects James I’s response to the religious tensions that tore the continent apart. His second recounts the swashbuckling, largely failed, military campaign of Charles I – expeditions which acted as the training-ground for the officers who fought in the English Revolution.

America’s ‘Little Green Men’: US Special Forces Berlin 
US Special Forces veteran James Stejskal gives us the low-down on clandestine operations during the Cold War.

Total War: A pre-modern phenomenon?  
From ancient Rome to Napoleonic France, MHM Editor Neil Faulkner argues that total war is nothing new.

‘He came, he saw, he capitulated’: General Sir Charles Monro
Patrick Crowley explores the forgotten career of WWI General Sir Charles Monro.

Regiment: The Royal Warwickshires at Passchendaele
Patrick Mercer reports on a grim WWI battle fought in the mud of Broodseinde, Passchendaele.

Also in this issue: War Culture; Great Escapes; War on Film; Book of the Month; Book Reviews; Museum Review; Event Listings; Competitions; and much more.

From the editor

Neil Faulkner
MHM Editor Dr Neil Faulkner

Our special this issue looks at the Thirty Years War of the early 17th century, a conflict that pitted a mainly Protestant northern Europe against a mainly Catholic southern Europe, with Germany the principal battleground.

Royal Armouries assistant curator Keith Dowen is our guide, his two articles reporting an extraordinary level of British involvement, with an estimated 120,000 English, Scottish, and Irish soldiers taking part in campaigns on the Continent in the years before the British Civil Wars in the mid-17th century.

The Thirty Years War contributed to the growing unpopularity of the Stuarts – the campaigns were expensive and abortive – and also provided the training-ground for many of the soldiers who would later fight for King or Parliament.

Other features this issue include Patrick Crowley’s appreciation of Charles Monro, the First World War general who pulled the plug on Gallipoli. We also have James Stejskal’s insight into US Special Forces operations in Cold War Berlin, Patrick Mercer’s account of the role of the Royal Warwicks at Passchendaele, and my own musings on total war.

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