50 Years of the Harrier Painting

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Mark Bromley talks to us about how this unique work was painted by the Harrier team themselves.

“The BAE Systems Harrier team had a unique spirit, not found in other projects – a fact highlighted by Angus Currie, Director Harrier at the Harrier 50th Anniversary celebrations at Brooklands in April this year.” Mark says.

“The Harrier sits alongside with Concorde and the Spitfire as being a true aviation icon, a triumph of British Engineering, and I thought the team deserved more than a mug or paperweight to celebrate their achievements!”

“My idea was to celebrate the Harrier with a unique work of art that was created by the team themselves. The painting was signed by the 500 people connected to harrier over its life, and 400 of those actively contributed to the painting , brush in hand.”

Ralph Hooper the originator of the Harrier painted the intake on the P1127 and Angus Currie painted the police box at the front of the Kingston site.
Retired employees forming the Hawker association had a go, along with the RAF and Naval personnel who were around at the time. Everybody’s contributions can be seen on the finished painting.

The final print was handed out to those on the signing list and it has been decided that only 500 prints with signatures will ever be produced.

“Thanks to everyone involved with the painting, which hopefully does justice to passion and ingenuity of all involved with Harrier.”