Military Times – April 2011

The May issue of Military Times, the British Military History magazine, is on sale today. Key features in this packed issue include: 150 year anniversary of the American Civil War


Military Times – March 2011

The latest issue of Military Times, on sale today, is arguably the best yet. Key features in this packed March issue include: Zulu :  The British Empire’s Shock Defeat


Military Times February 2011

The latest issue of Military Times, on sale today, is packed with features, eye-witness accounts and and articles. Some key features within the February 2011 issue include: Rommel’s Stormtroopers at the Battle of Caporetto One of the most specular victories of the First World War took place at Caporetto in 1917. After two and a […]

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Military Times – January 2011

In the latest issue of Military Times, we analyse the first major defeat of Napoleon’s empire, at the Lines of Torres Vedras. Napoleon’s disastrous 1812 invasion of Russia led directly to his fall from power two years later. Less well-known is that the tide had already turned against him on the opposite side of Europe. […]


Military Times – Dec 2010

The third issue of Military Times magazine is onsale today, with a free Modern Conflict DVD for every reader Issue highlights include: With Remembrance Sunday upon us, the issue takes a close look at the Battle of the Somme. Almost half a million British casualties transformed popular perceptions of war forever. Official ‘remembrance’ is one […]


Military Times – Nov 2010

The second action-packed issue of Military Times magazine comes with a FREE extract of Niall Edworthy’s fantastic novel Main Battle Tank for every reader


Military Times – Oct 2010

What can you expect from Issue 1 of Military Times? Our lead features and contributors are revealed, as well as what will become our regular articles.

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