British Army Cap Badges, by Peter Doyle and Christ Foster

British Army Cap Badges of the First World War This is one of the best books on cap badges that I have seen for a long time. The book is superbly illustrated throughout, with images not only of the badges themselves, but also of soldiers wearing them. As the authors themselves state, it is impossible […]


Military Times Book of the Month : Main Battle Tank by Niall Edworthy

Free with the latest issue of Military Times on sale today, we are giving away a free extract from Nial Edworthy’s Main Battle Tank It is the first book join the Military Times Book Club, and we would like to invite you to pick up a copy and let us know what you think about […]


Battleground Prussia: the Assault on Germany’s Eastern Front 1944-45 – By Prit Buttar

Pritt Buttar’s look at the Soviet assault on Prussia focuses on the brutality and vengeance of the Red Army’s merciless campaign. Through previously unseen testimony and sagacious analysis by the author, the chilling events of 1944-45 Prussia are brought to life. Buttar assumes the perspectives of both those at command level and of the soldiers […]


A Waterloo Hero: The reminiscences of Freidrich Lindau

Edited and presented by James Bogle and Andrew Uffindell More than 150 years after its first publication in German, this English translation of Frederich Lindau’s memoirs is long overdue. The recollections of Lindau were not recorded until thirty years after the events and were dictated to his pastor, Franz Schläger, who has written the forward […]


Conquer or Die! Wellington’s Veterans and the Liberation of the New World

by Ben Hughes Conquer or Die documents the encounters of 6, 000 British volunteers who sailed across the Mediterranean to aid Simon Bolivar in the wars of South American independence. With the smoke still clearing from the 1815 Battle of Waterloo and the country still drunk on victory, these volunteers set sail for Gran Columbia, […]


Knight: the medieval warrior’s (unofficial) manual by Michael Prestwich

If you are a medieval knight, how do you ‘ravage the land’? Well, you can probably leave the actual work of destruction to the common soldiers, and concentrate yourself on the more important business of plunder. ‘It is not a good idea to kill all the inhabitants; much better to ransom them. Even peasants can […]


How to Win on the Battlefield: the 25 key tactics of all time

by Rob Johnson, Michael Whitby, and John France The title of the book makes a big claim. Taken literally, it is in fact rather misleading. How to achieve victory in battle cannot be learnt from a book. Commanding an army on the battlefield requires far more than knowing a list of manoeuvres. What this book actually […]


Hitler’s First War by Thomas Weber

Biographies of Hitler are often frustratingly vague about his experiences as a soldier in WWI. Beyond the information that he: served as a message-carrying  ‘runner’ on the Western Front; achieved the rank of ‘Gefreiter’ ( not quite, as Thomas Weber assures us, the equivalent of  the ‘Corporal’ or even Lance-Corporal it is often translated as); […]

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