Aerial Bombing Comparison Diagram

Your handy guide to aerial bombing. This illustration appeared in a british wartime publication around the time of the Baedecker Blitz

Desert Rats

The Desert Rats in Libya

With a new war raging in Libya, Second World War veteran Patrick Delaforce teases out the lessons of the 1940-1943 campaign in the Western Desert. Shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War, when Winston Churchill had a seat in the War Cabinet, he wrote: ‘Should Italy become hostile, our first battlefield must be […]


Operation Barbarossa Map, 1941

Map of Operation Barbarossa showing the direction of German attacks and the major pockets of Russian troops surrounded by blitzkrieg breakthroughs between June and December 1941. To read our article about Barbarossa – Hitler’s biggest gamble – read the June issue of Military Times

6 Spitfire Adaptations – Images of the Spitfire during WWII

1. Spitfires were used as reconnaissance aircraft, as here, where a camera is being loaded before a mission. 2. Later marks of Spitfire were sometimes given specially designed wings – Bs, Cs, or Es – capable of mounting cannon. 3. The Seafire Mark III was a Spitfire specially adapted for naval service on aircraft-carriers. 4. Spitfires saw […]

Blitz WW2 – The Battle of London

If the Battle of Britain was a victory of ‘the Few’: that of a small military elite of fighter pilots, the Battle of London was a victory of ‘the Many’. The bombing plane, coming at night, got through. It rained down death and destruction. But it was defeated by the mass mobilisation of a million […]


Battle of Britain Spotter Cards

Used throughout the Second World War to identify friend from foe, these original spotter cards show the differences in the silhouettes between British and German aircraft.

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