What happened at Hastings?

Medieval historian and former MHM Assistant Editor Hazel Blair analyses one of the most decisive battles in British history, 950 years after it was fought.

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The Norman Conquest: 1066 timeline

Marking the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, October’s special feature focuses on the Norman Conquest. Here, we examine ten key dates in 1066.


Scone Palace History and Heritage Event

Scone Palace will remember King Robert the Bruce by hosting a ‘History and Heritage’ day on Sunday 28 August in the palace’s grounds and gardens. The Strathleven Artizans, a Scottish historical group, will lead a day of activities, including dramatisations of Robert the Bruce being crowned King of Scotland, and some dramatic battle re-enactments for visitors to […]


The Battle of Wakefield: 1460

It was the culmination of ten years of increasingly violent unrest between supporters of King Henry VI and his cousin Richard, Duke of York. Helen Cox takes us on a battlefield tour of Wakefield.


The Legacy of Bannockburn

In the many future wars between English and Scots, was the continuing independence of Scotland ever seriously in question.


King Henry IV: Rebel Leader

The Lancastrians were a usurper dynasty. Their contested authority culminated in the Wars of the Roses, and later inspired Shakespeare’s history plays. In 1399, Henry Bolingbroke shattered the regal order of Medieval England by deposing an anointed king and installing himself as successor. Below is the timeline of events in his life and reign, taken […]



Dr Phil Stone outlines the Richard III Society’s views regarding the king’s burial.   When the ‘Looking for Richard Project’ was devised by Philippa Langley of the Richard III Society, her main purpose was not only to find the remains of Richard III but, if he could be found, to ensure that he was then […]


Richard III at Bosworth

Following the discovery of remains believed to be those of Richard III, take a look at what really happened at Bosworth

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