Ancient warfare

Olaf's Approach

AD 937: Olaf’s Approach

The possible routes taken by Olaf Guthfrithsson, King of Dublin, in this little known Viking battle for Britain


The Battle of Marathon- 490 BC

The Battle of Marathon saw wo entirely antithetical military and political traditions: cavalry, archery, and light-armed troops versus heavy infantry; coerced subjects against free militia; wealthy imperial invaders turned away by pedestrian defenders of farm and family. The verdict of Marathon proved that far from being rudimentary, the introduction of a true heavy-infantry militia and […]


Visigothics sacking Rome 395-415

It was the first time since 390 BC that the city of Rome had fallen to a barbarian enemy. It shocked the world. It presaged the collapse of the greatest empire of antiquity. The major movements of Visigothic hordes under Alaric and his immediate successor, Ataulf, between AD 395 and 415. To read the full […]


Iranian Archer – Soldier Profile

Iranian archer of the Persian Wars On the battlefield, the archers were formed up in the centre of the army, many ranks deep, protected by a barricade of shields and spears along their front, such that any enemy formation approaching would face a relentless rain of tens of thousands of high-velocity arrows. At a glance […]


Athenian Hoplite – Soldier Profile

Athenian Hoplite of the Persian Wars In pitched battle, the army formed a single phalanx of 10,000 men, a kilometre wide, eight ranks deep, protected by a wall of overlapping shields with a hedge of spear-blades projecting above. At a Glance Appearance Shield design: either individually chosen or representing clan, neighbourhood, or tribe Clothing and […]


Roman legionary – Soldier Profile

First century AD Roman legionary. At a glance Appearance Uniform and Imperial Clothing and Jewellery Military tunic worn as standard Leather belt, baldric, and apron straps often with personalised metallic decorations Scabbard, often with personalised decoration Hobnailed sandals Weaponry Throwing spear with pyramidal head and long metal shank (pilum) Short, stabbing sword (gladius) Dagger (pugio) […]


Celtic warrior – Soldier Profile

First century AD British Celtic warrior At a glance Appearance Hair sometimes lime-washed and spiked-up Face sometimes painted with blue protective tattoos Clothing and Jewellery Cloak, tunic and trousers, often of tartan cloth Neck-ring (torc) made of gold, silver, electrum or bronze Leather belt, often with decorated buckle and plates Scabbard, often decorated, especially at the […]

Battle of Marathon Myths Challenged

New thought sees Marathon get revised in the long run. New perspectives on the Battle of Marathon are beginning to challenge the accepted versions of events.  Often, due to contradictory documentary evidence, details are still greatly contested.  Military Times examines a selection of the most notable aspects surrounding the ancient battle, including Pheidippides’ long distance journey which gave […]


Boudica's final battle

Exclusively commissioned for Military Times, this battle map illustrates the route taken by Boudicca in preparation for her final battle. This map will appear in Issue 1 of Military Times, accompanied by a detailed analysis of the events of the battle and why Boudicca ultimately lost. A summary of these events accompanies this reproduction.

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