The keen-eyed among you may have noticed that this month’s crossword grid is the same as issue 35! This was an oversight on our part for which we apologise. Please feel free to print off the below correct version which you may stand a better chance of being able to complete!



7     Ancient Greek city-state renowned for its military prowess (6)
8     Banastre ___, English cavalry officer who served with distinction in the American Revolutionary War, later MP for Liverpool (8)
9     American Civil War battle, also known as Sharpsburg (8)
10   Hammond ___, British novelist who served in the Royal Artillery during World War Two (5)
11   Italian town whose forces fought those of Bologna at the Battle of Zappolino in 1325 (6)
12   ___ Keppel, First Lord of the Admiralty from 1782 to 1783 (8)
13   Bomber built by Douglas which served in World War Two, Korea and Vietnam (7)
15   Duke of ___, illegitimate son of James II, appointed a Marshal of France in 1706 (7)
19   Saxon king mortally wounded at the Battle of Merton in 871 (8)
22   Centaur-class aircraft carrier launched in 1947 (6)
24   ___’s Nek, battle of the First Boer War (5)
25   Richard ___, Royal Navy captain, later admiral, who captured a French squadron at the Battle of Cape Ortegal several weeks after Trafalgar (8)
26   Naval battle fought in the Far East in May 1942 (5,3)
27   Middle Eastern kingdom defeated by Assyria in 714 BC (6)


1    Shafted weapon carried by some infantry officers in the 17th and 18th century (8)
2    Guided missile flying at low altitude (6)
3    Rome’s opponent during the Punic Wars (8)
4     ___ Hale, US brigadier general who served in the Spanish-American War, later founding the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization (6)
5     ___ Mountain, American Civil War battle fought in Georgia in June 1864 (8)
6     Japanese island planned to be invaded in March 1946 during Operation Coronet, had Japan not surrendered earlier (6)
8     Supersonic fighter aircraft built by Grumman (6)
14   North ___ Aviation, company who built the Mustang fighter and B-25 Mitchell bomber (8)
16   Adolf Hitler’s mistress (3,5)
17   ___ Firth, where the Invergordon Mutiny took place in 1931 (8)
18   Black Sea port gained by Russia following the Treaty of Jassy in 1792 (6)
20   John ___, Earl of Shrewsbury, killed at the Battle of Castillon in 1453 (6)
21   City on the Adriatic which surrendered to French forces in 1806 (6)
23   John ___, writer and war correspondent for The Times during World War One, and later an officer in the Intelligence Corps (6)

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