What is a Digital Edition?


Military Times is now available as a digital edition which can be downloaded to your desktop computer, laptop or iPad.

The Digital Edition is packed with all the in-depth articles, interviews and analysis you would expect from the UK’s new Military History magazine

What are the benefits?

Save money – up to 47% saving
The digital edition of Military Times saves you up to 25% off cover price for a single issue, or up to 47% off an annual
subscription when you go digital.

Download anytime, read anywhere
Digital Editions enable you to travel light with paper-less clutter-free downloads. You could store our entire back catalogue on one device.

One subscription, multiple formats
One subscription to Military Times can be read across many formats. For example, you could view the the magazine on your home computer, or on a handheld device such as the iPad and your laptop.

Adjustable font size for easy viewing.
Our digital edition makes reading easy by allowing you to zoom further into pages, and customise your viewing experience.

Subscribing couldn’t be easier.
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What is a Digital Edition?

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