Found: the bow of the USS Grunion

The USS Grunion was a Gato-class submarine that was sunk at Kiska, Alaska, during World War II. Operating near the Aleutian Islands, the submarine reported that it had been attacked by Japanese antisubmarine patrols, but had managed to avoid sinking. Later moving to Kiska Island, from which it was based throughout July 1942, the Grunion […]


Submarine – The History of Submarine War

The legendary origins of the submarine stretch back to 332 BC with a tale about Alexander the Great being lowered into the sea in a glass barrel to study fish. The submarine concept was thereafter consigned to the backwaters of history for some 1,800 years. It reappears with the publication in 1578 of Inventions or […]


Astute Class Submarine

  The latest nuclear submarines to roll off of the BAE Systems Barrow shipyards are the first two of the new nuclear-powered Astute class attack submarines. All seven of those originally ordered have survived the recent Defence Review. HMS Astute is 97m long and displaces 7,800 tonnes,the equivalent of 1,000 London buses. Being totally self-sufficient, […]


HMS Holland 1 – the Royal Navy’s first Submarine

The real breakthrough with Submarine warfare, and the birth of the modern submarine, came courtesy of John Phillip Holland, near the end of the 19th century. Holland became the first designer successfully to unite three new pieces of technology, the electric motor, the electric battery, and the internal combustion engine, to create the first recognisably […]