Crimean War



Balaklava is one of the most famous battles in British history. Yet it cannot really be compared with, say, Hastings, Waterloo, or the Somme, all of which were large-scale struggles with great issues at stake. Balaklava is an altogether different matter. In this month’s issue, we examine why the battle acquired such notoriety.


MHM December 2018

The December issue of MHM, the British military history magazine, is now on sale. To subscribe to the magazine, click here. To subscribe to the digital archive, click here. In this issue: Crimea: the last great charge of the redcoats, 1854 Only the incompetence of the enemy prevented it from becoming a national disaster. Neil Faulkner revisits the British […]

British Army at Inkerman

Click here to read about the Russian Army at Inkerman. Diarists suggest that most of the casualties at Inkerman were caused by artillery, and, considering the number of guns present, that is hardly a surprise. British gunners were equipped with four 9-pound guns and two 24-pound howitzers per field battery. Two such batteries were dug-in […]