A series of German World War II propaganda leaflets have come light, after being put on sale by private collectors.

Dr Joseph Goebbels - Reich Minister of Propaganda

It is likely that the leaflets, intended for British servicemen, were masterminded by the Nazi head of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. They were dropped into occupied France following D-Day, June 1944.

According to Richard Westwood-Brookes, of Mullock’s Specialist Auctioneers, these rare examples “were a desperate last-ditch attempt by Germany to persuade the advancing Allied troops to surrender” – a change in tone from the more authoritative self-assured approach to propaganda adopted by the Nazis earlier in the war.

One of the leaflets entitled “Germany strictly observing Geneva Convention” paints a pleasant picture for British prisoners of war held captive in Germany: “You will be housed in clean airy rooms which you may decorate according to your own taste”, in addition to appreciating “study of the fine arts.” Meanwhile, another leaflet mischievously warns British servicemen of what their loved ones may be getting up to back on the Home Front, seeking to drive a wedge between the Allies in the process. It reads, “You are fighting and dying far away from your country while the Yanks are putting up their tents in Merry Old England.  They’ve got loads of money and loads of time to chase after your women.”

The items will go under the hammer on 18th November.

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