Three lucky winners will receive a copy of World War II at Sea by Craig L Symonds.

World War II at Sea is the first global history of the entire naval war and all its belligerents, on all of the world’s oceans and seas. The narrative spans continents as Symonds recounts the events of some of the greatest naval conflicts ever fought, from the landings in Normandy and Iwo Jima to the U-boat attack on Scapa Flow and the Battle of the Atlantic.

Opening with the 1930 London Conference, Symonds shows how any limitations on naval warfare would become irrelevant before the decade was up, as Europe erupted into conflict once more and its navies were brought to bear against each other.

The book offers portraits of the great naval leaders, including Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (both self-proclaimed ‘navy men’), Karl Dönitz, François Darlan, Ernest King, Isoroku Yamamoto, Erich Raeder, Inigo Campioni, and Louis Mountbatten, as well as the hundreds of thousands of seamen and officers of all nationalities whose live were imperilled and lost during the greatest naval conflicts in history.

Craig L. Symonds combines precision with story-telling verve, expertly illuminating not only the mechanics of large-scale warfare on (and below) the sea but offering wisdom into the nature of the war itself.

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