This month, you could be the lucky winner of a set of Casemate Short Histories.

The new Casemate Short History series offers concise and entertaining guides to a broad variety of military history topics. This month, MHM is giving you the chance to get your hands on a free set of these informative, bite-size histories.

Brush up on the evolution of tank warfare, the development of artillery, aviation history, sharpshooters and sniping, chivalry and violence, Greek hoplites, Viking raiders and more.

Authoritative and readable, the Short Histories are packed with information, so everyone can learn the basics while picking up fascinating facts along the way. Each book presents an exploration of a topic that is fact-based, but written in a lively manner full of anecdotes, eyewitness accounts, and quirky details.

The series is aimed at a wide audience, and the attractive packaging means the books can be collected or given as gifts. Launched in 2017, the first eight books are: Greek Warriors, Gladiators, Knights, Vikings, Fighter Aces, Tommies, Sharpshooters, Tanks, and Big Guns.

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