One lucky reader has the chance to win a pair of military history books, courtesy of I B Tauris.

The I B Tauris history collection includes a number of excellent military historical studies, covering subjects from the ancient world to the modern era.

This month, MHM has two recently published titles to give away: Reckless Fellows: the gentlemen of the Royal Flying Corps by Edward Bujak and Kitchener: hero and anti-hero by C Brad Faught. Both books build on a great deal of original research to present their subjects anew.

In Reckless Fellows, Bujak tells the story of the British Army’s first air force, the Royal Flying Corps. The RFC was commonly thought of as the ‘aristocracy of the air’, but in fact it was open to all, and Bujak shows how the class divisions of Edwardian Britain were broken down within the organisation. His book combines social, military, and cultural history to tell the personal stories of the men who took to the skies to fight for Britain during WWI.

Kitchener, on the other hand, focuses one of that conflict’s most famous faces, Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener. Faught re-examines Kitchener’s life and legacy as one of the great military and political heroes of his day.

Using key sources from the National Archives to probe Kitchener’s thoughts, actions, and relationships, he offers a fresh, nuanced picture of a man who has divided opinion for the last century.

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