Thinkers at War – John Rawls

‘To each according to his threat advantage does not count as a principle of justice.’ John Rawls, A Theory of Justice, 1971 Born: 21 February 1921 Nationality: American Profession: Academic philosopher University: Harvard and Oxford Died: 24 November 2002 Enthusiastic and patriotic, John Rawls enlisted in the US Army in the middle of World War […]


D-Day: Plan of Operations on 6 June, 1944

How were tens of thousands of infantry landed on the Normandy beaches on 6 June 1944? How was the supply of ammo, fuel, water, rations, and everything else required by an army of invasion managed on crowded beaches under heavy fire from artillery and machine-guns? How were the beachheads protected from counterattack and given time […]


WAR ON FILM – All Quiet on the Western Front

Taylor Downing revisits one of the most famous anti-war films ever made. All Quiet on the Western Front is a double Oscar-winning 1930s Hollywood film adaptation of the famous German novel by Erich Maria Remarque (Im Westen nichts Neues). It follows the story of a group of young German schoolboys who rush to enlist in […]


THINKERS AT WAR – Wittgenstein

Cambridge philosopher Iain King discovers a First World War artilleryman with a revolutionary treatise in his backpack. Born in 1889 into the over-achieving family of Vienna’s richest industrial magnate, Ludwig Wittgenstein trained initially as an engineer. But he was soon drawn to the more fundamental issues on which mathematics and mechanics were based – issues […]


Museum Guide

With hundreds of military museums in the UK alone, how do you know which one will best suit your interests? Here, MHM has picked some of the best museums and exhibitions to visit this year, from hidden gems to long-established sites. Musée de la Grande Guerre du Pays de Meaux A unique new exhibition commemorating the centenary of the British involvement […]


WAR ON FILM – Overlord

Taylor Downing remembers Stuart Cooper’s ground-breaking 1975 World War II film. Stuart Cooper’s film Overlord (1975) is the only feature film ever produced by the Imperial War Museum. While the museum has worked closely with many television companies on documentary productions over the decades, Overlord uses the museum’s resources in the production of a drama-documentary […]


BEHIND THE IMAGE – Deserted Trench

Abandoned British position captured by the Germans This cold and desolate image shows an abandoned British trench following a German attack, with mounted German infantry looming menacingly in the background. An inscription on the back of the photograph reads, Die Große Schlacht im Westen. Der Stab einer Infanterie-Division … ueberscreiten einer genommenen engl. Stellung. This […]


Falklands – troop manoeuvres

To help you visualize the action in  Major General Julian Thompson’s lead feature for MHM on the Royal Navy’s triumph during the Falklands, we created this map and timeline listing  troop movements from 12 May to 10 June; from the SAS raid, to the arrival of the Ghurkas at Fitzroy.

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