Battle of Britain

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BOOK REVIEW: Poles In Defence of Britain

Robert Gretzyngier’s account of the Poles who fought for the RAF so gallantly during the Battle of Britain both amazes and captivates the reader. It includes personal and moving accounts from and about the airmen who fought and died for Britain during the Second World War. This day-by-day coverage begins with the journey of the […]


REVIEW: Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitor Centre

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight has conducted thousands of flypasts at events up and down the country, taking part in over 100 airshows per year. The Flight was formed in 1957 to commemorate the RAF’s defence of Britain against the Luftwaffe in 1940. It subsequently became a memorial to those who lost their lives […]

6 Spitfire Adaptations – Images of the Spitfire during WWII

1. Spitfires were used as reconnaissance aircraft, as here, where a camera is being loaded before a mission. 2. Later marks of Spitfire were sometimes given specially designed wings – Bs, Cs, or Es – capable of mounting cannon. 3. The Seafire Mark III was a Spitfire specially adapted for naval service on aircraft-carriers. 4. Spitfires saw […]


Battle of Britain Spotter Cards

Used throughout the Second World War to identify friend from foe, these original spotter cards show the differences in the silhouettes between British and German aircraft.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk I Spotter Card

Aircraft: Supermarine Spitfire Mk I Type: single-engine British fighter Manufacturer: Supermarine Division, Vickers-Armstrong Ltd Year: 1938 Engine: Rolls-Royce Merlin II, 12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled, 1,030 hp Wingspan: 11.22m Length: 9.12m Height: 3.48m Weight (loaded): 2,415 kg Maximum speed: 355 mph Ceiling: 34,000 feet Range: 500 miles Armament: 8 Browning machineguns in wings Crew: 1 Click to […]

Hawker Hurricane Mk I Spotter Card

Aircraft: Hawker Hurricane Mk I Type: single-engine British _ ghter Manufacturer: Hawker Aircraft Ltd Year: 1937 Engine: Rolls-Royce Merlin II, 12-cylinder V, air-cooled, 1,030 hp Wingspan: 12.19m Length: 9.55m Height: 3.99m Weight (loaded): 2,993 kg Maximum speed: 320 mph Ceiling: 33,200 feet Range: 460 miles Armament: 8 Browning machine guns in wings Crew: 1 Click […]

Messerschmitt Bf 109E Spotter Card

Aircraft: Messerschmitt Bf 109E Type: single-engine German _ ghter Manufacturer: Messerschmitt AG Year: 1939 Engine: Daimler-Benz DB 601, 12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled, 1,050 hp Wingspan: 9.87m Length: 8.65m Height: 2.50m Weight (loaded): 2,010 kg Maximum speed: 342 mph Ceiling: 34,450 feet Range: 410 miles Armament: 2 machine-guns on top of engine cowling and 2 20-mm cannon […]

Messerschmitt Bf 110C Spotter Card

Aircraft: Messerschmitt Bf 110C Type: twin-engine German fighterbomber Manufacturer: Messerschmitt AG Year: 1939 Engines: 2 Daimler-Benz DB 601,12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled, 1,050 hp each Wingspan: 16.25m Length: 12.07m Height: 4.12m Weight (loaded): 6,028 kg Maximum speed: 336 mph Ceiling: 32,810 feet Range: 680 miles Armament: 5 machine-guns and 2 20-mm cannon Crew: 2-3 Click to view all our […]

Junkers Ju 87B Spotter Cards

Aircraft: Junkers Ju 87B Type: single-engine German divebomber Manufacturer: Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AG Year: 1938 Engine: Junkers Jumo 211, 12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled, 1,200 hp Wingspan: 13.79m Length: 11.10m Height: 4.01m Weight (loaded): 4,330 kg Maximum speed: 238 mph Ceiling: 26,250 feet Range: 490 miles Armament: 3 machine-guns and 500 kg of bombs Crew: 2 Click to […]

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