German Zeppelins of WWI

Mathy’s airship was a giant cigar-shaped cylinder of gas bubbles filled with highly flammable hydrogen.

Blitz and the Battle of London

The British people seemed determined to fight on – alone and against the odds. The Blitz was to be the great test of whether this resolve could be broken.


Closed: National Army Museum Celebrity Speakers Tickets

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED On 27 November from 10.30-17.30, the National Army Museum is hosting a day of celebrity speakers on a wide range of WWII campaigns and conflicts, from Northern Europe to the Western Desert, from Italy to the Far East.  Military Times has four tickets for this event to give away to four lucky winners. […]

Closed: 10 Commando Comic Packs to be won

Military Times has an exclusive prize for ten lucky readers this month. We have ten small collections of Commando magazines to give away, all signed by Commando editor Calum Laird.