History of the British Army in 25 Battles

A history of the British Army in 25 Battles. We will be telling the story of the British Army – focusing on the Army in action, and the story of what happened in each battle.


Richard Holmes (1946-2011)

In March this year, we published an account of the struggle for the Hougoumont farm complex during the Battle of Waterloo. It was linked to an appeal for action to save the historic buildings from collapse. The author, Richard Holmes, had placed himself in the forefront of the campaign group Project Hougoumont. Read about it […]

Closed: Win Battlefield Academy strategy game

Take part in the Military Times Quiz for a chance to WIN a copy of BBC Battlefield Academy – the new strategy computer game. Developed with the BBC and Professor John Buckley, Battlefield Academy allows the player to play through WWII campaigns. The game has an approachable visual impressive style reminiscent of Commando comics. But […]

Russian Army at Inkerman

Click here to read about the British Army at Inkerman. The saying ‘the bayonet is a wise man, the bullet a fool’ probably held as good for the Russian army of the Crimea as it did during Suvarov’s time. Although the British never doubted the courage of the individual Russian soldier, the men lacked initiative […]

British Army at Inkerman

Click here to read about the Russian Army at Inkerman. Diarists suggest that most of the casualties at Inkerman were caused by artillery, and, considering the number of guns present, that is hardly a surprise. British gunners were equipped with four 9-pound guns and two 24-pound howitzers per field battery. Two such batteries were dug-in […]

Desert Rats

The Desert Rats in Libya

With a new war raging in Libya, Second World War veteran Patrick Delaforce teases out the lessons of the 1940-1943 campaign in the Western Desert. Shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War, when Winston Churchill had a seat in the War Cabinet, he wrote: ‘Should Italy become hostile, our first battlefield must be […]

The Pike and Shot of the Spanish Tercio

The Spanish Army was transformed in the first part of the 16th century into the most formidable military force of its age. By the 14th century, infantry were gaining ascendancy over heavy horse on the battlefield. Archers and gunners were able to shoot many of them down before they could get to grips, and dense, […]


Operation Barbarossa Map, 1941

Map of Operation Barbarossa showing the direction of German attacks and the major pockets of Russian troops surrounded by blitzkrieg breakthroughs between June and December 1941. To read our article about Barbarossa – Hitler’s biggest gamble – read the June issue of Military Times