Admiral George Rodney: Tactical Pioneer

The origins of the ‘Breaking the Line’ tactic are cloaked in ambiguity; its true pioneer hotly contended. Military Times traces the life and naval career of one possible contender, Admiral George Brydges Rodney.

Sopwith Camel Attack picture - Military Times - Mark Bromley

EXCLUSIVE Biplane picture gallery by Mark Bromley

Military Times proudly presents an exclusive Biplane picture gallery from artist Mark Bromley, originally commissioned for the Heritage collection at BAE Systems. To view our second gallery of Biplane click here


The First Anglo-Afghan War, 1839-1842

From the start, what little order there was went awry. As pillaging Afghans moved into the emptying cantonment, panic ran through the straggling camp-followers, causing a stampede and the abandonment much of the stores.

German Zeppelins of WWI

Mathy’s airship was a giant cigar-shaped cylinder of gas bubbles filled with highly flammable hydrogen.

Blitz and the Battle of London

The British people seemed determined to fight on – alone and against the odds. The Blitz was to be the great test of whether this resolve could be broken.