American Civil War viewpoints: The American Civil War made us what we are

On the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, Ken Burns writes that it was American Civil War that made America what it is today. ‘Before the war, in speaking about our country, we said “The United States are” – plural. We saw ourselves as a union, a stitched-together collection of states, a “many” thing. After […]

6 Spitfire Adaptations – Images of the Spitfire during WWII

1. Spitfires were used as reconnaissance aircraft, as here, where a camera is being loaded before a mission. 2. Later marks of Spitfire were sometimes given specially designed wings – Bs, Cs, or Es – capable of mounting cannon. 3. The Seafire Mark III was a Spitfire specially adapted for naval service on aircraft-carriers. 4. Spitfires saw […]

Closed: Flare Path

Military Times readers get top price tickets to Flare Path for just £35 (usually £50).

American Civil War viewpoints: It was British arms that sustained the Confederacy

It was 150 years ago on 12 April 1861, that the guns opened fire at Fort Sumter, marking the start of America’s bloodiest war. We have asked several notable writers to give their viewpoints on the American Civil War, starting with Peter Tsouras and his belief that it was British arms that sustained the Confederacy […]


The Japanese longbow

From ancient times, the value of a samurai was assessed in terms of his prowess at kyuba no michi, the way of horse and bow, whereby the elite warrior would deliver arrows from his longbow while riding a horse.


The Samurai Sword (Katana)

The Katana (sword) of the samurai warrior is one of the best-known edged weapons in world military history. It is also probably the finest, being made using metallurgical skills based on tradition and observation, a process that has enabled 800-year-old swords to be preserved in perfect condition.