[Competition closed] MHM Competition: July/August

This issue, we’re giving away three copies of RAF 100: The Official Story, courtesy of Welbeck Publishing. RAF 100: The Official Story is the most up-to-date history of the oldest air force in the world. From its genesis in the horrors of the First World War, when pilots flew in craft made of little more […]


Museums and events with MHM (Aug/Sept 2020)

With many museums and galleries still closed, Military History Matters has compiled a guide to some interesting websites you can check out from the safety of your own home. Click on the links below to find out more.


When was Britain’s finest hour?

When was Britain’s finest hour? For most readers the answer is easy: the summer of 1940, when Britain stood alone in defiance of the Third Reich, urged on by the soaring rhetoric of Winston Churchill. Chris Bambery disagrees.


War of Words – ‘Zeppelin’

‘Zeppelin’ appeared in English that same year in Whitaker’s Almanack: ‘The Zeppelin Air-ship… is a cylindrical frame of aluminium in partitions, each holding a gas-bag.’

bell featured

War Athletes: Donald Bell

Temporary 2nd Lieutenant Donald Bell, relying on adrenaline and instinct, led two men from his company through the mud of no-man’s land, firing his revolver with one hand and hurling a well-aimed Mills bomb with the other.

saving ryan1

D-Day on film

One of the most dramatic events in history, it is no wonder that D-Day has received such extensive film coverage.

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