The Battle of Midway

Coming just months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Midway – in which the outcome of World War II was supposedly decided in the space of a ‘fatal five minutes’ – is the subject of a new film released earlier this month. The clash between the American and Japanese fleets will never be forgotten, but does Midway really deserve the hype? Was it truly the greatest battle of the war?


BEHIND THE IMAGE: The Unknown Warrior, 1920

On 11 November 1920, the largest funeral ever held in London took place – and yet the deceased was a man unknown to the hundreds of thousands of mourners who turned out in his honour. Described as the greatest outpouring of grief the country had ever known, the event was the burial of the Unknown […]


[Competition Closed] MHM Competition: December 2019

This issue, we’re giving away two limited-edition model tanks from Corgi’s new ‘Military Legends’ range. At the height of the Second World War in 1943, Winston Churchill demanded a new infantry support tank be developed to cross the battlefield. The result was the British Churchill infantry tank, which, although cumbersome in its appearance, was one […]

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