MHM Competition: November/December [Competition Closed]

This issue, we’re giving away three copies of SAS Band of Brothers, courtesy of Quercus. SAS Band of Brothers is the new epic from bestselling military historian Damien Lewis. It is the story of the triumphs and tragedies of an elite group of specialist soldiers as they commit daring raids behind enemy lines in 1944, […]


War Athletes: Lilli Henoch

Henoch displayed a natural all-around talent in several sports, making her future accomplishments even more impressive, considering the few opportunities available for female athletes at the time.


REVIEW – Missing: the need for closure after the Great War

In the post-war years, they were remembered on monuments and in cemeteries, ‘made present’ by absence, by anonymity rather than by naming. The bereaved had no bodies over which to grieve, only the landscape itself and a few souvenirs sent home from the front.


Back to the Drawing Board: Rifled muzzle-loading artillery (RML)

The mid 19th century saw a revolution in naval weapons technology – smooth-bore muzzle-loading artillery, which had changed little for over 300 years, was suddenly supplanted by far larger rifled guns firing steel armour-piercing shot and explosive shells to ranges far beyond anything achieved even 50 years earlier.

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