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WAR CULTURE – The Dickin Medal

Joe Knight looks at the life of Maria Dickin, founder of the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) in 1917 and creator of the ‘animals’ Victoria Cross’.


Museum of Army Flying

Keith Robinson finds much to see at a splendid museum of military aviation on windswept Salisbury Plain. Located in Hampshire, south-west of Andover and within sight of Danebury Iron Age Hillfort, the Museum of Army Flying lies within the grounds of the Army Air Corps airfield at Middle Wallop, one of the most important RAF […]


Back to the Drawing Board – The Royal Enfield Flying Flea

Designed by the Germans, copied by the British and thrown out of aeroplanes over occupied Europe, the Royal Enfield Flying Flea was the most successful military motorcycle developed for use by airborne troops in the Second World War. Ironically, the British Army would not have benefited from this light weight vehicle had it not been […]


Back to the Drawing Board – The SM-62 ‘Snark’

The English language changed drastically during the swinging Sixties. ‘Cool’ suddenly meant fashionable or aloof, to ‘dig’ something was to enjoy it, and a Snark – once the sinister subject of Lewis Caroll’s poem The Hunting of the Snark – was now an intercontinental cruise missile capable of carrying a W39 thermonuclear warhead. Proposed as […]

79th NYSM group

REGIMENT – Lincoln’s Highlanders

Ron Field uncovers the role of Scots Americans in the war to free the slaves.  In the wake of the failed Union attack on the Tower Battery at Secessionville on James Island, near Charleston, South Carolina, on 16 June 1862, the Charleston Mercury reported, ‘It was left to the brave 79th Highlanders, to test the […]



Larry Collins looks at the function of theatre entertainment during the First World War and its role as unofficial recruiter, propagandist, and fund-raiser. The usual location for entertainments was at depots and rest camps in the rear, but there was always the YMCA canteen hut situated a short distance behind the front-line trenches. At one […]


Battlefield Tours

There are a select number of battlefield tours that every military history enthusiast should experience. Here we list five of the finest, most reasonably priced, worldwide tours available. Entente Cordiale Battlefield Tours Entente Cordiale Battlefield Tours grew out of the passion to preserve the memory of the World War I battlefields and of those who fought. The business has […]

1 Yomper - Falklands Commemorative Statue

MUSEUM REVIEW – The Royal Marines Museum

Keith Robinson has just returned from a visit to another splendid military museum on the South Coast. The entrance to the car park for the Royal Marines Museum in Eastney, Portsmouth, is signalled by the large statue called the Yomper. It was officially unveiled by Margaret Thatcher to commemorate ‘all the Royal Marines and those […]


DVD REVIEW – Cross of Honour

In the snowy expanse of the Norwegian countryside, a British officer and his gunner find themselves sharing a remote hunting cabin with three Luftwaffe pilots. With their planes shot down and the weather too extreme to risk venturing out, the five men have no choice but to try to co-exist peacefully. The Germans seize control […]

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Studying Military History

Where is the best place to study a course in military history? We look at two Universities offering outstanding courses in the subject. READING UNIVERSITY – MA or MRes in Military History and Strategic Studies We define ‘strategy’ as a comprehensive way of pursuing political ends, including the threat or actual use of force, in a […]