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Battlefield Tours Guide

There are a select number of battlefield tours that every military history enthusiasts should experience. Here is a promotion of the finest, most reasonably priced worldwide tours available. GALINA INTERNATIONAL BATTLEFIELD TOURS Galina began organising battlefield tours for adult and school groups to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands in 1989. In those days, 30 people at the Last Post Ceremony in Ypres was regarded […]

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Somme Guide

A promotion of collectibles and events for the Somme Centenary.

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Books Guide

A promotion of military history titles available to buy.


‘In Flanders Fields’: a history of the poppy

The iron scent of blood stains the Remembrance Poppy. In the black-magic fields of Flanders and the Somme, corn-poppy petals are nourished by the memory of ‘the missing’. It is as if the souls of those who died there between 1914 and 1918 have been transformed into a million blood-red flowers, whose enduring image reaches […]

George Butterworth (in Leeds 1913)

WAR COMPOSERS: George Butterworth

George Butterworth was part of a group of young English composers who were making names for themselves during the Edwardian era. English classical music had languished since the 18th century, but by the 1880s there was a new movement that would produce such creative geniuses as Elgar, Vaughan Williams, and Holst. AN ENGLISH RENAISSANCE Many saw Butterworth as one of English music’s great hopes. He […]


After Culloden: from rebels to Redcoats

Robbie MacNiven explores the fate of the Scots who survived Culloden. On a bitterly cold April afternoon in 1746, on moorland just east of the town of Inverness, the power of Scotland’s Highland clans was forever broken. The Battle of Culloden Moor marked not just the final defeat of Charles Edward Stuart and his Jacobite […]

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Centenary Season

Centenary season continues with a promotion of specialist military history events to keep the history enthusiast busy.

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Events Guide

A promotion of some of the best events coming up over the next few months.


Museum Guide

With hundreds of military museums in the UK alone, how do you know which one will best suit your interests? Here is a promotion of some of the best museums and exhibitions to visit this year.