Blitzed: drugs in Nazi Germany

Hitler almost died of a cocaine overdose, and the Wehrmacht’s blitzkrieg was powered by methamphetamine. These are just two of the areas of investigation in Blitzed, Norman Ohler’s study of the massive pharmacological intake at all levels of the Nazi war-machine. Ohler begins by detailing the widespread availability of cocaine and morphine in early 20th-century […]


Shifting Sands: Lawrence of Arabia and the Great Arab Revolt

Shifting Sands is an exhibition about T E Lawrence, probably known to most of us as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. The title inevitably conjures up pictures of desert sands whipped up into fierce sandstorms by violent winds. There is, however, a subtler subtext, linked to Lawrence’s mindset, to the shifting sands of his personality. Both of […]


[Competition closed] MHM Quiz: Win a copy of Escape From Colditz !

This month, three lucky readers have the chance to win the classic strategy game Escape From Colditz, courtesy of Osprey Games. Escape From Colditz is a historical board game devised by real-life Colditz Castle escapee Major Pat Reid, who was held captive in the Renaissance fortress when it served as a high-security German PoW camp during the Second World War. Major Reid was one […]


Mussolini’s secret time-capsule

Classics scholars Hans Lemers and Bettina Reitz-Joosse have produced an critical edition and translation of a forgotten Latin text that reveals the ideological intricacies of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s Fascism. The text is the Codex Fori Mussolini (or the Mussolini Forums Codex), and it lies beneath the Mussolini obelisk in Rome – a stone column […]


Christmas Gifts Guide

With Christmas just around the corner, here is a promotion of military history-themed stocking fillers. TANK DRIVING EXPERIENCE Navigate tricky terrain and command your platoon as you take the controls of a Chieftain on an IntoTheBlue Tank Driving Experience. The perfect gift for any military history enthusiast, tank nut, or adrenaline junkie this Christmas. Various tanks available to drive. Voucher valid for one year post-purchase. […]


Christmas Books Guide

A promotion of military history books available to buy this festive season. ALAMEIN Simon Ball The story of Alamein – one of the pivotal battles of the Second World War, but also one of the most hotly debated in the years since: how it was fought, how it has been remembered, and what it means for us today. PUBLISHER: Oxford University Press PRICE: […]


The early life of Mao

Mao Zedong was born on 26 December 1893 into relative prosperity in a village in Hunan province. His father, a poor peasant and former soldier, had risen to the level of grain merchant and owned two and a half acres of land. The young Mao disliked his bullying father, later remarking that acting meekly did […]


MUSEUM REVIEW: National WWI Museum and Memorial, Kansas City, USA

The name of this stunning museum is a bit of a misnomer for, if anything, it is not national but international in its scope – a fact that is certainly appropriate for the subject matter. Located on a beautiful slope in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, this amazing structure, with its 217 -tall memorial […]



This bustling black-and-white photograph offers an atmospheric view of a natural harbour crowded with ships, campaign tents, livestock and supplies. Titled Cossack Bay, Balaklava, and taken during the summer months of 1855 – just a couple of decades after the birth of photography – it is part of a fascinating portfolio of pictures of the […]

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