Wellington’s Highland Warriors: from the Black Watch Mutiny to the Battle of Waterloo.

The amalgamation of the Scottish regiments into one ‘super-regiment’, the Royal Regiment of Scotland, in 2004 left many lamenting the demise of the long tradition of some of the British Army’s most famous regiments. Since the shift from the traditional system, the mystery and romance of the old regiments seems to have increased with burgeoning interest spawning numerous publications. The book takes the story of the Highland regiments from their genesis in the-quasi police force of the Highland companies up to the famous charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo.

We are given a refreshingly anecdotal account of the Highlander’s history, starting with the surprising tale of the relatively minor action that earned the Black Watch their red hackle right up to the regiment’s service under Wellington at Waterloo.

Frontline Books, £19.99
ISBN 978-1848325579