The Battle of Britain, was the first major campaign to be fought entirely by air forces, and marked the first defeat of Hitler’s military forces. It was a long, vigorously fought battle, in which 2,500 RAF pilots were pitted against the larger and more experienced forces of the German Luftwaffe. Despite their apparent disadvantages, the British RAF pilots were victorious and became known as ‘The Few’.

Max Arthur has collected hundreds of reminiscences and testimonials from veteran pilots who fought in the Battle. The book succeeds in voicing their stories, taking the reader directly into the cockpits of the Spitfires and Hurricanes in which they fought.

This is a fascinating book for the study of the Battle of Britain, but also a perfect read for those more interested in the study of human behaviour. Max Arthur provides the reader with a profound insight into the thoughts and feelings of the pilots, with anticipation, fear, courage, honour, and determination displayed in abundance.

As first-hand accounts of those who actually fought and risked their lives, these reminiscences tell the story of the events of 1940 as only those who actually fought could.

Ebury Publishing, £20.00

ISBN 978-0753522271