Edited and presented by James Bogle and Andrew Uffindell
More than 150 years after its first publication in German, this English translation of Frederich Lindau’s memoirs is long overdue.
The recollections of Lindau were not recorded until thirty years after the events and were dictated to his pastor, Franz Schläger, who has written the forward for this edition.
The title is a slightly misleading, given that the book covers not only Waterloo but spans the whole period 1809- 1815. It is a first-hand account of a King’s German legion soldier, who escaped from Germany in 1809. Lindau was a soldier who served with distinction under Wellington and was involved in numerous major engagements including Albuera, Badajoz, Salamanca, Vittoria, San Sebastian, Nivelle and Nive. For his efforts, he was awarded the Guelphic Medal, the Waterloo Medal and the Bronze Medal of Merit.
This account is entirely unique as no other private soldiers took part in so many engagements and recorded their experiences. It is an interesting read and an opportunity to approach the events of the period around the Battle of Waterloo from the point of view of someone who experienced them first hand.
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