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Military Times has copies of five fantastic books to give away courtesy of Ian Allan publishing. To be in with a chance of winning ALL FIVE of these fascinating titles, simply answer the following question:

What You Can Win…

The Kremlin Conspiracy: A Long, Hot and Cold War

Douglas Boyd

After six terrifying weeks spent locked in Lindentrasse prison, Douglas Boyd is well equipped to deliver his account of the tradition of expansionism that has led Russia to where she is today. Linking his experiences as both a Soviet prisoner and an intelligence professional, his book provides a unique insight in to what is still one of the most mysterious countries in the world.

The Secret War in Italy: Special Forces, Partisans and Covert Operations 1942 – 1945

William Fowler

This insightful book unearths the little know stories of the war in Italy, and the pivotal part Special Forces played in supporting the conventional land campaign, and the operational jump that marked the end of the Italian campaign: Operation herring. Prepare for a remarkable glimpse at the secret and little-known operations that were carried out on the Italian front during WWII.

The French Foreign Legion

Douglas Boyd

Given unrivalled access to the French Foreign Legion, Douglas Boyd tells its story from its inception in the 1830s. The reader is given a real taste of what it is like to be a soldier in the Legion, by the interweaving of Boyd’s experiences and interviews, with information from the Legion’s archive. Often what motivates the Legion is different from what motivates the mainstream politics of French government; Boyd explores those motives in compelling detail.

Kharkov 1942: Anatomy of a Military Disaster Through Soviet Eyes

David M. Glantz

The recently uncovered, grim details of Russia’s shocking defeat at Kharkov are laid bare in this powerful book. For over a century the Soviets kept the scale of their defeat secret. Here, Glantz draws on contemporary reports and later documents to present a detailed analysis of Soviet military techniques and the reasons for their crippling defeat.

Supermarine Spitfire

Dr. Alfred Price

Renowned aviation author Dr. Price’s pulls out all the stops with this authoritative history of the Supermarine Spitfire. From its design to its many and varied roles throughout WWII, this book provides everything any aviation enthusiast or historian could wish to know about this irreplaceable British icon.

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