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The Sandhurst Foundation is a charitable organisation set up by The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2004.  The Foundation’s core support comes from an Alumni made up from all serving officers past and present and those with a special affinity for the Academy.

The Foundation offers its 5,500 current members a range of benefits to strengthen links between both serving and retired officers.  These benefits include a ‘search’ facility (using our new and greatly improved website) to track down other members of your Intake or others you would like to get back into contact with and a ‘Network facility’.

Sandhurst Officers Parade

Sandhurst Officers Parade

Members can make the most of the user friendly facilities to arrange Reunions and other events.  All commissioned officers may be married at the Academy and members may hold their reception here; christenings are also arranged through the Foundation. Members can make savings on a variety of commercial and professional services, will receive an annual journal, which focuses on Leadership and the Academy and a monthly electronic newsletter.  The Foundation also arranges access to the Academy grounds on request, tours, battlefield tours and selected seminars and symposia.

As part of the Leadership remit, the Foundation runs a programme of Leadership Encounters, informal lectures and supper at the Academy every couple of months, debate nights and the Annual Foundation Dinner Night is extremely popular with a senior military after Dinner speaker.

To join the Sandhurst Foundation, go to or call 01276 412000.

You can also keep up to date with the Sandhurst Foundation on Facebook. Click here to see the Foundation’s Facebook page

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