This month, three lucky readers have the chance to win the classic strategy game Escape From Colditz, courtesy of Osprey Games.

Escape From Colditz is a historical board game devised by real-life Colditz Castle escapee Major Pat Reid, who was held captive in the Renaissance fortress when it served as a high-security German PoW camp during the Second World War.

Major Reid was one of a handful of prisoners who escaped the wartime jail. In 1942, unbeknown to their German captors, he and three others cut through a set of window bars and climbed out onto the prison roof. The group then darted across the prison’s brightly lit yard and into a storage cellar, before finally escaping via an air shaft that led to a dry moat.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of this escape, Osprey Games has released a new, deluxe edition of the game (for two to six players). It includes both original and updated rules, a luxury board, historical posters and props, 100 illustrated cards, a 32-page history book, two dice, and 56 wooden playing pieces.

Competition closed