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Simon Ball

The story of Alamein – one of the pivotal battles of the Second World War, but also one of the most hotly debated in the years since: how it was fought, how it has been remembered, and what it means for us today.

PUBLISHER: Oxford University Press
PRICE: £18.99
WHERE TO BUY: www.oup.com


weight_command_christmas_books_mhm75THE WEIGHT OF COMMAND

J L Granatstein

Edited and introduced by one of the foremost military historians of our time, the carefully curated interviews in this book bring Canada’s Second World War generals to life, revealing that, for all of them, the weight of command was a burden to be borne.

PUBLISHER: University of British Columbia Press
PRICE: £33
WHERE TO BUY: Combined Academic Publishers, UK


NEW 8 Hill 70


Douglas E Delaney and Serge Marc Durflinger (eds)

Capturing Hill 70 tells the long forgotten story of a spectacularly successful but shockingly costly battle that helped forge the character of the famed Canadian Corps.

PUBLISHER: University of British Columbia Press
PRICE: £33
WHERE TO BUY: Combined Academic Publishers, UK


churchill_last_wartime_secret_christmas_books_mhm75CHURCHILL’S LAST WARTIME SECRET

Adrian Searle

It’s been a state secret for more than 70 years: the official line in the UK has always been that it never happened – but this new work challenges the assertion that no German force set foot on British soil during World War II with the exception of the Channel Islands.

PUBLISHER: Pen & Sword Books
PRICE: £19.99
WHERE TO BUY: www.pen-and-sword.co.uk



Paul F Crickmore

Since the end of the Cold War, vast numbers of official documents about the secretive Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird have been declassified. Using this information, Paul F Crickmore has updated his groundbreaking work from 1986 in a fresh new design, creating the definitive volume about this sleek and powerful American spy plane.

PUBLISHER: Osprey Publishing
PRICE: £35
WHERE TO BUY: www.ospreypublishing.com/lockheed-blackbird


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