New research establishes history of rare Viking helmet

The corroded helmet would have been an essential component of protection for any Viking warrior. Several iron bands and plates, riveted together, would shield the wearer during the violent clashes for which the warriors are renowned.


BEHIND THE IMAGE: Churchill visits the docks

In the Second World War, the dockyards and riverside factories of London’s East End were essential to the country’s struggle against the Nazis. But this also made them a key target for enemy attack.

MHM October/November 2020

The October/November issue of Military History Matters, the British military history magazine, is now out now. The best way to access the magazine is to subscribe. Click here to find out more. To subscribe to the digital archive, click here. In this issue: ON THE COVER:The Battle of Okinawa By spring 1945, Allied victory in the Second World […]

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